A local packaging plant implements various production lines based on the product to be packaged. Each line is for a different product, some being more complicated than others. With several lines running on a daily basis, concern over production rates surfaced due to the variation in the rates. Management decided to keep records to see if certain days of the week produce better production rates than others. The results follow:
a. Using a one-way ANOVA, test the claim that the mean production rate is not the same for all five days of the week. Use a level of significance of 0.05.
b. Explain the meaning of the conclusion in part
a. Does the conclusion tell you which days are different? Which days have the larger means?
c. Construct a side-by-side boxplot of the data. Explain how the multiple boxplot coupled with the hypothesis test in part a help identify the difference between days.
d. How might the packaging company use this information?
e. Could there be other factors affecting the company’s production rate problems? Is so, name a few.

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