Question: A manufacturer of cereal is considering three alternative box colors red

A manufacturer of cereal is considering three alternative box colors-red, yellow, and blue. To check whether such a consideration has any effect on sales, 16 stores of approximately equal size are chosen. Red boxes are sent to 6 of these stores, yellow boxes to 5 others, and blue boxes to the remaining 5. After a few days a check is made on the number of sales in each store. The results (in tens of boxes) shown in the following table were obtained. An instructor has a class of 23 students. At the beginning of the semester, each student is randomly assigned to one of four teaching assistants-Smiley, Haydon, Alleline, or Bland. The students are encouraged to meet with their assigned teaching assistant to discuss difficult course material. At the end of the semester, a common examination is administered. The scores obtained by students working with these teaching assistants are shown in the accompanying table.
a. Calculate the within-groups, between-groups, and total sum of squares.
b. Complete the analysis of variance table and test the null hypothesis of equality of population mean scores for the teaching assistants.

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