A nationwide representative sample of students in grades 7 12 that
A nationwide representative sample of students in grades 7-12 that was done in May and June of 2011 studied the sexual harassment of students. 56% of the girls experienced sexual harassment, and 40% of the boys experienced it. Assume this was a single random sample. Sexual harassment was determined by the student based on his or her answers to several questions, such as "Has someone made unwelcome sexual comments, jokes, or gestures to or about you?"
a. The survey contained 1002 girls and 963 boys. Find the number of boys and the number of girls who experienced sexual harassment. Round to the nearest whole number.
b. Create a two-way table, with the labels Boys and Girls across the top and Yes (sexual harassment) and No on the sides.
c. Test the hypothesis that gender and experiencing sexual harassment are independent using a test of independence. Assume the conditions are met, and report only the chi-square value, p-value, and conclusion. Use a significance level of 0.05.
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