A new weight loss program claims that participants will lose an average of more than 10 lbs after completing it. The following table shows the weights of eight individuals before and after the program. These data can also be found in the Excel file weight loss. xlsx.
a. Perform a hypothesis test using α = 0.10 to determine if the average weight loss was more than 10 lbs for participants in the weight loss program.
b. Approximate the p value using Table 5 in Appendix A and interpret the result.
c. Construct an 80% confidence interval to estimate the average weight loss for individuals in the program. Interpret the results.
d. Verify your results using Excel’s Data Analysis. Mac users can rely on PHStat for this procedure.
e. Identify the p value using Excel and interpret the result.
f. What assumptions need to be made in order to perform this procedure?

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