A number of sports enthusiasts have argued that Major League Baseball players on teams in the Central Division have an unfair advantage over coastal players in the Western and Eastern Divisions. This is because the impact due to the differences in time is likely to be greater when playing on the road (i.e., games away from home). Players from teams on the coasts gain (going west) or lose (going east) up to three hours, whereas Central Division players seldom gain or lose more than one hour. The following data show the won/loss percentages by divisions for games played on the road by all three divisions of Major League Baseball teams in the 2009 season:
Complete an ANOVA table for won/loss percentages by teams representing each division. Test the null hypothesis that when teams play on the road, the mean won/loss percentage is the same for each of the three divisions. Use the 0.05 level of significance.
a. Solve using the p-value approach.
b. Solve using the classical approach.

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