Question: A number of terms are listed below Timely Management accounting Ethical guidelines Cost benef

A number of terms are listed below:
Management accounting
Ethical guidelines
Value chain
Corporate social responsibility
Select the terms from the above list to complete the following sentences.
1. Management of activities, businesses, or functional areas, which managers oversee and co-ordinate within the organization, require __________ and __________ information.
2. The __________ considerations help managers make wise economic decisions by providing them with the desired information in an appropriate format and at the preferred frequency.
3. __________ comprises taking actions that implement the planning decisions, deciding how to evaluate performance, and providing feedback to learn how to improve future decisions.
4. Many professional accounting organizations issue __________ to help their members reason through an appropriate response to an ethical issue.
5. __________ measures, analyzes, and reports financial and nonfinancial information to internal managers who use it to choose, communicate, and implement strategy and operational changes.
6. The __________ approach should be used to make resource-allocation decisions. Resources should be spent if the expected benefits to the company exceed the expected costs.
7. __________ specifies how an organization matches its own capabilities with the opportunities in the marketplace to accomplish its objectives.
8. __________ is the sequence of business functions in which customer usefulness is added to products or services.
9. __________ is the voluntary integration by companies of social and environmental concerns into their business operation.

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