A partial balance sheet of Tree State University a public
A partial balance sheet of Tree State University, a public university, as of the end of its fiscal year, July 31, 2018, is as follows:
The following information pertains to the year ended July 31, 2019:
a. Cash collected from students’ tuition totaled $3,000,000. Of this amount, $362,000 represented accounts receivable outstanding at July 31, 2018; $2,500,000 was for current-year tuition; and $138,000 was for tuition applicable to the semester beginning in August 2019.
b. Deferred revenues at July 31, 2018, were earned during the year ended July 31, 2019.
c. Accounts receivable at July 31, 2018, that were not collected during the year ended July 31, 2019, were determined to be uncollectible and were written off against the allowance account. At July 31, 2019, the allowance account was estimated at $10,000.
d. During the year, an unrestricted appropriation of $60,000 was made by the state, to be paid to Tree sometime in August 2019.
e. During the year, unrestricted cash gifts of $80,000 were received from alumni. Tree’s board of trustees allocated $30,000 of these gifts to the student loan fund.
f. During the year, restricted fund investments costing $25,000 were sold for $31,000. Restricted fund investments were purchased at a cost of $40,000. Restricted fund investment income of $18,000 was earned and collected during the year. This income is restricted for an ongoing research project.
g. Unrestricted general expenses of $2,500,000 were recorded in the voucher system. At July 31, 2019, the unrestricted accounts payable balance was $75,000.
h. The restricted accounts payable balance at July 31, 2018, was paid. The restricted fund paid $10,000 from its investment income for costs of an ongoing research project.
i. The $40,000 due to other funds at July 31, 2018, was paid to the plant fund as required.
j. One-quarter of the prepaid expenses at July 31, 2018, expired during the current year and pertained to general education expense. There was no addition to prepaid expenses during the year.
1. Prepare journal entries in summary form to record the foregoing transactions for the year ended July 31, 2019. Letter each entry to correspond with the letter indicated in the description of its respective transaction, and omit explanations. Use the following format:
2. Prepare a statement of current funds revenues, expenditures, and other changes, including a total column, for the year ended July 31, 2019, and conclude with the fund balances at year-end.
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