A partially completed worksheet for Christopher Cobb, CPA, for the month ending June 30, 2016, is shown below.

1. Record the balances as of June 30 in the ledger accounts.
2. Prepare the worksheet.

3. Journalize (use 3 as the journal page number) and post the adjusting entries. Use account number 121 for Supplies; 131 for Computers; 142 for the Accumulated Depreciation account; 309 for Income Summary; 517 for Supplies Expense; 519 for Travel Expense; and 523 for Depreciation Expense.
4. Journalize (use 4 as the journal page number) and post the closing entries.
5. Prepare a postclosing trial balance.
Analyze: What is the reported net income for the month of June for Christopher Cobb,CPA?

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