A particular work center in a job shop can be
A particular work center in a job shop can be represented as a single-server queueing system, where jobs arrive according to a Poisson process, with a mean rate of 8 per day. Although the arriving jobs are of three distinct types, the time required to perform any of these jobs has the same exponential distribution, with a mean of 0.1 working day. The practice has been to work on arriving jobs on a first-come-first-served basis. However, it is important that jobs of type 1 not wait very long, whereas the wait is only moderately important for jobs of type 2 and is relatively unimportant for jobs of type 3. These three types arrive with a mean rate of 2, 4, and 2 per day, respectively. Because all three types have experienced rather long delays on average, it has been proposed that the jobs be selected according to an appropriate priority discipline instead.
Compare the expected waiting time (including service) for each of the three types of jobs if the queue discipline is
(a) First-come-first-served,
(b) Nonpreemptive priority,
(c) Preemptive priority.
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