Question: A payroll summary for Mark Consulting Company owned by Mark

A payroll summary for Mark Consulting Company, owned by Mark Fronke, for the quarter ending
June 30, 2016, appears on page 360. The firm made the required tax deposits as follows:
a. For April taxes, paid on May 15.
b. For May taxes, paid on June 17.

1. Using the tax rates given below, and assuming that all earnings are taxable, make the general journal entry on April 8, 2016, to record the employer’s payroll tax expense on the payroll ending that date. Use journal page 12.
Social security ...... 6.2 percent
Medicare ....... 1.45
FUTA ........... 0.6
SUTA ........ 5.4
2. Prepare the entries in general journal form to record deposit of the employee income tax withheld and the social security and Medicare taxes (employee and employer shares) on May 15 for April taxes and on June 17 for May taxes.

How were the amounts for Income Tax Withhelddetermined?
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