A pharmaceutical company has developed an experimental drug meant to relieve symptoms associated with the common cold. The company identifies 300 adult males 25 to 29 years old who have a common cold and randomly divides them into two groups. Group 1 is given the experimental drug, while group 2 is given a placebo. After 1 week of treatment, the proportions of each group that still have cold symptoms are compared.
(a) What is the response variable in this experiment?
(b) Think of some of the factors in the study. How are they controlled?
(c) What are the treatments? How many treatments are there?
(d) How are the factors that are not controlled dealt with?
(e) What type of experimental design is this?
(f ) Identify the subjects.
(g) Draw a diagram similar to Figure 7 or 8 to illustrate the design.

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