Question: A pint of water weighs 1 04 pounds so 1 pound

A pint of water weighs 1.04 pounds, so 1 pound of water is 0.96 pint. Suppose a merchant sells water in containers weighing 0.5 pound, but customers can fill them to their liking. It is easier to weigh the filled container than to measure the volume of water the customer is purchasing. Define x to be the combined weight of the container and the water and y to be the volume of the water.
a. Write the equation the merchant would use to determine the volume y when the weight x is known.
b. Specify the numerical values of the intercept and the slope, and interpret their physical meanings for this example.
c. What is the correlation between x and y for this example?
d. Draw a picture of the relationship between x and y.

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