A Point your Web browser to www download com and search for
a. Point your Web browser to www.download.com, and search for inventory management software packages, such as inFlow Inventory Software and Inventoria Stock Manager. Choose two or three such packages, and use the weighted rating technique discussed in Chapter 5 to evaluate them for use in a small business.
b. Point your Web browser to www.acfe.com, the Web site for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Look for the June 2001 article by Joseph T. Wells titled “Ghost Goods: How to Spot Phantom Inventory.” Use expectancy theory to analyze what might motivate someone to commit inventory fraud.
c. Visit my AIS blog (http://bobhurtais.blogspot.com/) and access the entry titled XBRL posted on 16 April 2011. Use the link there to go to the taxonomy viewer for the Commercial and Industrial taxonomy. What tags are used for the following items associated with the acquisition/payment process: inventory, accounts payable, cost of goods sold, gross profit.
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