A production line at a candy plant is designed to
A production line at a candy plant is designed to yield 2- pound boxes of assorted candies whose weights in fact follow a normal distribution with a mean of 33 ounces and a standard deviation of .30 ounce. A random sample of 36 boxes from the production of the most recent shift reveals a mean weight of 33.09 ounces. (Incidentally, if you think about it, this is an exception to the usual situation where the investiga-tor hopes to reject the null hypothesis.)
(a) Describe the population being tested.
(b) Using the customary procedure, test the null hypothesis at the .05 level of significance.
(c) Someone uses a one- tailed test, upper tail critical, because the sample mean of 33.09 exceeds the hypothesized population mean of 33. Any comment?
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