A professor has been asked to teach a course in social science statistics off-campus to a class of graduate students enrolled in the Continuing Education Program of the University. Because the professor has never taught in this program before, he does not know a great deal about the needs and backgrounds of the students in the class. In order to learn more about the students, on the first day of class he obtains from each of them the following information: age, major field as an undergraduate student, number of statistics courses taken previously, and interest in conducting empirical research (coded low, medium, high). This information is listed below:
(a) For each of these variables, calculate the measure(s) of central tendency that can be meaningfully calculated.
(b) For each of these variables, which measure(s) of central tendency would it be most useful for the professor to bear in mind as he conducts the class; i.e., for each of these variables, which measure(s) yield(s) the most typical or representative value for the class of students? For each variable, briefly explain your answer.

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