A purchasing department received the following e mail Dear Accounts Payable
A purchasing department received the following e-mail.
Dear Accounts Payable Clerk,
You can purchase everything you need online—including peace of mind—when you shop using Random Account Numbers (RAN). RAN is a free service for Big Credit Card customers that substitutes a random credit card number in place of your normal credit card number when you make online purchases and payments. This random number provides you with additional security. Before every online purchase, simply get a new number from RAN to use at each new vendor. Sign up for an account at www.bigcreditcard.com. Also, take advantage of the following features:

• Automatic Form automatically completes a vendor’s order form with the RAN, its expiration date, and your shipping and billing addresses.
• Set the spending limit and expiration date for each new RAN.
• Use RAN once or use it for recurring payments for up to one year.
• Explain which computer fraud and abuse techniques could be prevented using a random account number that links to your corporate credit card.

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