Question: A quasar is a distant celestial object at least 4

A quasar is a distant celestial object (at least 4 billion light-years away) that provides a powerful source of radio energy. The Astronomical Journal (July 1995) reported on a study of 90 quasars detected by a deep-space survey. The survey enabled astronomers to measure several different quantitative characteristics of each quasar, including redshift range, line flux (erg/cm2g∙ ∙ ∙s), line luminosity (erg/s), AB1450 magnitude, absolute magnitude, and rest-frame equivalent width. The data for a sample of 25 large (redshift) quasars are saved in the QUASAR file. (Several quasars are listed in the table.)
a. Hypothesize a first-order model for equivalent width y as a function of the first four variables shown in the table.
b. Fit the first-order model to the data. Give the least squares prediction equation.
c. Interpret the b estimates in the model.
d. Test the overall adequacy of the model, using α = .05.
e. Test to determine whether redshift (x1) is a useful linear predictor of equivalent width (y). Use α = .05.

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