A random sample of 10 houses heated with natural gas in a particular area, is selected, and the amount of gas (in therms) used during the month of January is determined for each house. The resulting observations are as follows:
a. Let µJ denote the average gas usage during January by all houses in this area. Compute a point estimate of µJ.
b. Suppose that 10,000 houses in this area use natural gas for heating. Let t denote the total amount of gas used by all of these houses during January. Estimate t using the given data. What statistic did you use in computing your estimate? 10,0001x2 5 1,206,000
c. Use the data in Part (a) to estimate p, the proportion of all houses that used at least 100 therms.
d. Give a point estimate of the population median usage based on the sample of Part (a). Which statistic did you use?

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