Question: A random sample of students was studied Whether the student

A random sample of students was studied. Whether the student chose to sit in the front, middle, or back row in a college class was recorded, along with the person's GPA. Test the hypothesis that GPA is associated with choice of row using a significance level of 0.05. Assume Normality.
Assume the conditions for ANOVA are met.
Show the F-and p-values and the conclusion for the ANOVA using an overall significance level of 0.05. Do post-hoc tests using confidence intervals (98.33% intervals for three groups) if post-hoc tests are appropriate. Assume equal variances. Use the underlining method, listing the category with the lowest mean on the left and the category with the highest mean on the right, with any pairs (or groups of three) that are not significantly different underlined.
Finally, write your conclusions in complete sentences.

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