a Real estate is no longer defined as extending from
(a) Real estate is no longer defined as extending from the center of the earth to the heavens.
Explain how modern property law imposes more limits.
(b) If David tosses a ball across Laura's yard, but it does not touch the surface of her yard, has it infringed (trespassed) on her property?
(c) If WaterCo drills a horizontal well next to (but not over) Lee's property line and drains water from under Lee's land, has WaterCo interfered with Lee's rights? Consider the application of the rule of capture.
(d) Property law distinguishes between land (real property) and personal property. Decide whether the following are land or personal property and explain why.
i. A porch light ii. A lamp next to a bed iii. A song about a porch light Interests in Property with Respect to Others and Time"
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