A recent Gallup poll of 519 adults who flew in the past year (published in The Economist, June 16, 2007, p. 6) found the following their number 1 complaints about flying: cramped seats (45), cost (16), dislike or fear of flying (57), security measures (119), poor service (12), connecting flight problems (8), overcrowded planes (42), late planes/waits (57), food (7), lost luggage (7), and other (51).
(a) What percentage of those surveyed found nothing they disliked?
(b) Draw a Pareto chart summarizing these responses. Include the “no complaints” group.
(c) Use the “four Ms” method to create a fish-bone diagram for the 10 specific categories of dislikes (exclude “other” and ‘4no complaints”).
(d) If you were managing an airline, what two or three specific issues would you tackle to improve customer service? Why?

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