A recent General Social Survey asked female respondents How many
A recent General Social Survey asked female respondents, “How many sex partners have you had in the last 12 months?” Of the 365 respondents, 102 said 0 partners, 233 said 1 partner, 18 said 2 partners, 9 said 3 partners, 2 said 4 partners, and 1 said 5 partners. (Source: Data from CSM, UC Berkeley.)
a. Display the data in a table. Explain why the median is 1.
b. Show that the mean is 0.85.
c. Suppose the 102 women who answered 0 instead had answered 5 partners. Show that the median would still be 1. (The mean would increase to 2.2. The mean uses the numerical values of the observations, not just their ordering.)
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