Question: A regression model to predict Y the state by state 2005 burglary

A regression model to predict Y, the state-by-state 2005 burglary crime rate per 100,000 people, used the following four state predictors: X1 = median age in 2005, X2 = number of 2005 bankruptcies per 1,000 people, X3 = 2004 federal expenditures per capita, and X4 = 2005 high school graduation percentage.
(a) Write the fitted regression equation.
(b) Interpret each coefficient.
(c) Would the intercept seem to have meaning in this regression?
(d) Make a prediction for Burglary when X1 = 35 years, X2 = 7.0 bankruptcies per 1,000, X3 = $6,000, and X4 = Burglary 80 percent.

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