Question: A relativistic rocket is measured to be 50 m long

A relativistic rocket is measured to be 50 m long, 2.5 m high, and 2.0 m wide by its pilot. It is traveling at 0.65c (in the direction parallel to its length) relative to an inertial observer.
(a) This observer will differ from the pilot in his measurements of which dimensions: (1) length, width, and height, (2) only width and height, or (3) only length?
(b) What are the dimensions of the rocket as measured by the inertial observer?
(c) What is the volume of the rocket according to the pilot? What about the inertial observer?
(d) If the rocket and pilot combined has a mass of 20 000 kg before launch, what is their kinetic energy according to the inertial observer when they are moving?

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