Question: A report released by the Pew Internet American Life

A report released by the Pew Internet & American Life Project entitled The Internet & Consumer Choice focused on current online issues. Respondents were asked to indicate their level of agreement (1 = strongly agree to 4 = strongly disagree) with a variety of statements including “I don’t like giving my credit card number or personal information online.” A part of the data set was used to determine whether the type of community in which the individual resides (Urban, Suburban, or Rural) affected responses. Treating the scale as quantitative, here are the results in the form of a partially completed Analysis of Variance table.
a) Is this an experimental or observational study? Explain.
b) Is this a prospective or retrospective study? Explain.
c) State the null and alternative hypothesis.
d) Calculate the F-statistic.
e) The P-value for this statistic turns out to be 0.002. State the conclusion. Can a causal link be established? Explain.

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