A research specialist for a large seafood company plans to investigate bacterial growth on oysters and mussels subjected to three different storage temperatures. Nine cold-storage units are available. She plans to use three storage units for each of the three temperatures. One package of ­oysters and one package of mussels will be stored in each of the storage units for 2 weeks. At the end of the storage period, the packages will be removed and the bacterial count made for two samples from each package. The treatment factors of interest are temperature (levels: 0, 5, 10° C) and sea-food (levels: oysters, mussels). She will also record the bacterial count for each package prior to placing seafood in the cooler. Identify each of the following components of the experimental design.
a. Factors
b. Factor levels
c. Blocks
d. Experimental unit
e. Measurement unit
f. Replications
g. Treatments

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