A researcher conducts an experiment to examine the relationship between the weight gain of chickens whose diets had been supplemented by different amounts of the amino acid lysine and the amount of lysine ingested. Since the percentage of lysine is known and we can monitor the amount of feed consumed, we can determine the amount of lysine eaten. A random sample of 12 2- week- old chickens was selected for the study. Each was caged separately and was allowed to eat at will from feed composed of a base supplemented with lysine. The sample data summarizing weight gains and amounts of lysine eaten over the test period are given here. (In the data, y represents weight gain in grams, and x represents the amount of lysine ingested in grams.)
a. From the scatterplot of the data, does a linear model seem appropriate?
b. Compute the estimated linear regression model  = b0 + β1x.

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