A researcher designs a study to evaluate three dietary supplements that are reputed to lower the systolic blood pressure reading for people who have high blood pressure. A inert supplement is included to evaluate the placebo effect. Twenty subjects all having systolic readings higher than 160 mmHg are randomly assigned to each of the supplements and to the control. The researcher is concerned with the disparity in age of the 80 subjects (20– 60 years old) and thus wants to include the effect of age in the model also. Write a general linear model in which the response variable y, the change in systolic blood pressure after 6 months of treatment, is linearly related to the age of the subject A for each of the three supplements and the placebo. From previous studies, the researcher determines that the relationship between the reduction in blood pres-sure readings and age may be substantially different for the three supplements and the placebo. Identify all the parameters in your model.

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