A researcher is interested in the relationship between the number of hours of business courses completed in college by students (X) and their performance on the real estate licensing board test (Y). While the actual hours completed by the students are available from their college transcripts, the real estate board reports only whether the applicant failed the test (coded 0) or passed (coded 1). A regression of test performance on business courses provides the following results:
Ŷ = .31 + .012X
r2 = .35 Sy|x = .19 sb = .05 n = 68
Analyze these results for the researcher. What is the probability that a student with 40 hours of college business courses will pass the licensing board test? How about a student who has completed 60 hours? How about a student with no business hours? For every additional hour of business courses, what is the expected effect on passing the licensing board test?

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