A retired partner from a large brokerage firm has one
A retired partner from a large brokerage firm has one million dollars available to invest in particular stocks or bonds. Each investment’s annual rate of return depends on the state of the economy in the coming year. The file P06_71.xlsx contains the distribution of returns for these stocks and bonds as a function of the economy’s state in the coming year. As this file indicates, the returns from stocks and bonds in a fair economy are listed as X and Y. This investor wants to
allocate her one million dollars to maximize her expected value of the portfolio one year from now.
a. If X = Y = 15%, find the optimal investment strategy for this investor.
b. For which values of X (where 10% < X < 20%) and Y (where 12.5% < Y < 17.5%), if any, will this investor prefer to place all of her available funds in stocks? Use the same method as in part a for each combination of X and Y.

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