Question: A sailboat is traveling due north at 2 40 m s on

A sailboat is traveling due north at 2.40 m/s on a calm lake with no noticeable water currents. From the crow’s nest at the top of its 10.0-m-high mast, one of the passengers drops her digital camera.
(a) Make a sketch of the camera’s trajectory from the point of view of the passengers on the deck below and from the point of view of passengers on a nearby boat at rest relative to the lake.
(b) Determine the camera’s initial velocity relative to the ship and relative to the lake surface.
(c) How long does the camera take to hit the deck?
(d) What is its total travel distance as determined by the boat passengers?
(e) Compare this to the magnitude of the net displacement, as determined by the passengers on the nearby boat and comment on why they are different.

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