Question: A Sex and classification b Sex and residency c Sex and college d

a. Sex and classification
b. Sex and residency
c. Sex and college
d. Classification and residency
e. Classification and college
f. College and residency
Recall from Chapter 1 (refer to page 30) that the Focus database and Focus sample contain information on the undergraduate students at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire (UWEC). Now would be a good time for you to review the discussion about these data sets. Open the Focus sample worksheet (FocusSample) in the technology of your choice. In each part, apply the chisquare independence test to decide, at the 5% significance level, whether the data provide sufficient evidence to conclude that an association exists between the indicated variables for the population of all UWEC undergraduates. Be sure to check whether the assumptions for performing each test are satisfied. Interpret your results.

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