A ski gondola in Vail Colorado carries skiers to the
A ski gondola in Vail, Colorado, carries skiers to the top of a mountain. It bears a plaque stating that the maximum capacity is 12 people or 2004 lb. That capacity will be exceeded if 12 people have weights with a mean greater than 2004>12 = 167 lb. Because men tend to weigh more than women, a worst-case scenario involves 12 passengers who are all men. Assume that weights of men are normally distributed with a mean of 182.9 lb and a standard deviation of 40.8 lb.
a. Find the probability that if an individual man is randomly selected, his weight will be greater than 167 lb.
b. Find the probability that 12 randomly selected men will have a mean weight that is greater than 167 lb (so that their total weight is greater than the gondola maximum capacity of 2004 lb).
c. Does the gondola appear to have the correct weight limit? Why or why not?
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