A sociologist is studying what factors may affect whether college students would support new laws that would make it a crime for students to purchase papers from the Internet and then turn in the papers as their own work. A random sample of 45 students at a large state university is interviewed and asked to provide a measure of their strength of support for criminalizing the purchase of term papers. A CRIME score from 0 to 25 is obtained from each student, with 0 being totally opposed to criminal penalties and 25 being totally in favor of criminal penalties. Information on the following explanatory variables was also obtained from each student: age of student (A), number of years of college (C), income of parents (I) (in $ 1,000), and gender (G) (0 = female).
The data are shown here:
a. Are there any collinearity problems based on the above data?
b. Use the output from a best subset regression software program to determine which explanatory variables should be included in the model.
c. What other explanatory variables may have been related to the response variable CRIME?

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