A soil scientist wants to relate the daily evaporation from the soil to air temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed. The scientist collects data at a number of locations in Texas on the variables maximum, minimum, and average soil temperature (x1, x2, x3); maximum, minimum, and average air temperature (x4, x5, x6); maximum, minimum, and average relative humidity (x7, x8, x9); and total wind (x10). The response is the daily amount of evaporation from the soil (y). The data are given below.
a. Fit the following model to the data and display the fitted model.
b. Produce a 95% confidence interval on the average evaporation for the following values of the explanatory variables:
x1 = 90, x2 = 70, x3 = 150, x4 = 85, x5 = 65
x6 = 180, x7 = 95, x8 = 40, x9 = 375, x10 = 450

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