Question: A staff member at a local grocery store was assigned

A staff member at a local grocery store was assigned the job of inspecting all containers of yogurt in the store to determine the number of days to expiry date for each container. Containers that had already expired but were still on the shelves were given a value of 0 for number of days to expiry. The following table gives the frequency distribution of the number of days to expiry date.
Number of Days Number of Containers
0 to 5............. 32
6 to 11........... 67
12 to 17............ 44
18 to 23........... 20
24 to 29........... 11
a. How many containers of yogurt were inspected?
b. Find the class midpoints. Do all of the classes have the same width? If so, what is this width? If not, what are the different class widths?
c. Prepare the relative frequency and percentage distribution columns.
d. What percentage of the containers will expire in less than 18 days?
e. Explain why you cannot determine exactly how many containers have already expired.
f. What is the largest number of containers that may have already expired?

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