A Statistics professor has observed that for several years about 13 % of the students who initially enroll in his Introductory Statistics course withdraw before the end of the semester. A salesperson suggests that he try a statistics software package that gets students more involved with computers, predicting that it will cut the dropout rate. The software is expensive, and the salesperson offers to let the professor use it for a semester to see if the dropout rate goes down significantly. The professor will have to pay for the software only if he chooses to continue using it. Initially, 203 students signed up for the Statistics course. They used the software suggested by the salesperson, and only 11 dropped out of the course.
a) Is this a one-tailed or two-tailed test? Explain.
b) Write the null and alternative hypotheses.
c) Should the professor spend the money for this software? Support your recommendation with an appropriate test.
d) Explain what your P-value means in this context.

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