Question: A statistics student conducted a study in Ventura County California

A statistics student conducted a study in Ventura County, California, that looked at criminals on probation who were under 15 years of age to see whether there was an association between the type of crime (violent or nonviolent) and gender. Violent crimes involve physical contact such as hitting or fighting; nonviolent crimes include vandalism, robbery, and verbal assault. The raw data are shown in the accompanying table; v stands for violent, n for nonviolent, b for boy and g for girl. Create a two-way table to summarize these data. Notice that the two variables are categorical, as can be seen from the raw data. If you are doing this by hand, create a table with two rows and two columns. Label the columns Boy and Girl (across the top). Label the rows Violent and Nonviolent. Begin with a big table, making a tally mark in one of the four cells for each observation, and then summarize the tally marks as counts.

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