A statistics student conducted a study on young male and female criminals 15 years of age and under who were on probation. The purpose of the study was to see whether there was an association between type of crime and gender. The subjects of the study lived in Ventura County, California. Violent crimes involve physical contact such as hitting or fighting. Nonviolent crimes are vandalism, robbery, or verbal assault. The raw data are shown in the accompanying table; v stands for violent, n for nonviolent, b for boy and g for girl.
a. Make a two-way table that summarizes the data. Label the columns (across the top) Boy and Girl. Label the rows Violent and Nonviolent.
b. Find the percentage of girls on probation for violent crimes and the percentage of boys on probation for violent crimes, and compare them.
c. Are the boys or the girls more likely to be on probation for violent crimes?

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