Question: A study in Alachua County Florida investigated an index of

A study in Alachua County, Florida, investigated an index of mental health impairment, which had y = 27.3 and s = 5.5. Two explanatory variables were x1 = life events score (mean = 44.4, s = 22.6) and x2 = SES (socioeconomic status, mean = 56.6, s = 25.3). Life events is a composite measure of the number and severity of major life events, such as death in the family, that the subject experienced within the past three years. SES is a composite index based on occupation, income, and education. The table shows data for 6 subjects. The complete data 1 for a random sample of 40 adults in the county is in the Mental Health data file on the text CD. Some regression results are also shown.
a. Find the 95% confidence interval for β1.
b. Explain why the interval in part a means that an increase of 100 units in life events corresponds to anywhere from a 4- to 17-unit increase in mean mental impairment, controlling for SES. (This lack of precision reflects the small sample size.)

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