A study in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that based on 987 deaths in southern California, right-handers died at an average age of 75 and left-handers died at an average age of 66. In addition, it was found that 7.9% of the lefties died from accident-related injuries, excluding vehicles, versus 1.5% for the right-handers; and 5.3% of the left-handers died while driving vehicles versus 1.4% of the right-handers. Suppose you examine 1000 randomly selected death certificates, of which 100 were left-handers and 900 were right-handers. If you found that 5 of the left-handers and 18 of the right-handers died while driving a vehicle, would you have evidence to show that the proportion of left-handers who die at the wheel is significantly higher than the proportion of right-handers who die while driving? Calculate the p-value and interpret its meaning.

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