Question: A study of the survival times in days of skin

A study of the survival times, in days, of skin grafts on burn patients was examined by Woolson and Lachenbruch [ Biometrika (1980) 67: 597–606]. Two of the patients left the study prior to the failure of their grafts. The survival time for these individuals is some number greater than the reported value.
Survival time (days): 37, 19, 57*, 93, 16, 22, 20, 18, 63, 29, 60*
(The “*’’ indicates that the patient left the study prior to failure of the graft; values given are for the day the patient left the study.)
a. Calculate the measures of center (if possible) for the 11 patients.
b. If the survival times of the two patients who left the study were obtained, how would these new values change the values of the summary statistics calculated in (a)?

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