A study randomly assigned students attending the Air Force Academy to different professors for
Calculus I, with equal numbers of students assigned to each professor. Some professors were experienced, and some were relatively inexperienced. Suppose the names of the professors are Peters, Parker, Diaz, Nguyen, and Black. Suppose Diaz and Black are inexperienced and the others are experienced. The researchers reported that the students who had the experienced teachers for Calculus I did better in Calculus II. (Source: Scott E. Carrell and James E. West, Does Professor Quality Matter? Evidence from Random Assignment of Students to Professors, 2010)
a. List the equally likely outcomes that could occur for assignment of one student to a professor.
b. Suppose the event of interest, event A, is that a teacher is experienced. List the outcomes that make up event A.
c. What is the probability that a student will be assigned to an experienced teacher?
d. List the outcomes in the complement of event A. Describe this complement in words.
e. What is the probability that a student will be assigned to an inexperienced teacher?

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