Question: A study reported in Meehan et al 2013 was conducted

A study reported in Meehan et al. (2013) was conducted to determine whether athletes had sustained previous undiagnosed concussions. A total of 731 patients met the inclusion criteria and were enrolled during the study period. Of these, 227 patients (31%) were unable to answer the questions that were used to determine if they had a previously undiagnosed concussion. An additional 18 were removed for incomplete or inaccurate data. Thus, 486 patients were included in the final analysis with a mean age of 15.5 years (with a standard deviation of 3.5 years). Most participants (63%) were male. The athletes playing a given sport at the time of the current injury were then classified according to the sport they participated in and whether or not they had a previously undiagnosed concussion.
a. Is the proportion of athletes having a previously unreported concussion related to the sport in which they participated?
b. What are the populations to which your conclusion in part (a) is applicable?

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