Question: A study titled Factors Leading to Reduced Intraocular Pressure after

A study titled “Factors Leading to Reduced Intraocular Pressure after Combined Trabeculotomy and Cataract Surgery” in the Journal of Glaucoma (http://www. glaucomajournal.) investigated the influence cataract surgery alone and cataract surgery with trabeculotomy has on eye pressure. Two groups were formed for each type of surgery and were compared for similarities with respect to several factors beforehand. No significant difference was found between the two groups with respect to the number of preoperative glaucoma medications the patient was taking. Suppose a similar study involving six patients receiving the combined surgery and five patients receiving the cataract surgery alone produced the following values of number of medications.
Using the Mann–Whitney U test, determine whether the two groups are the same with respect to number of medications. Use a = 0.05.

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