Question: A study was conducted to study the impact of child

A study was conducted to study the impact of child abuse on performance in school. Three categories of child abuse were defined as follows:
Abused child— a child who is physically abused.
Neglected child— a child receiving inadequate care.
Nonabuse— a child receiving normal care and not physically abused.
The researchers randomly selected 30 boys and 30 girls from each of the three categories using the records of the state child- welfare agency for the abused and neglected children and the records of a local school for the nonabused children. The scores on a standard grade- level assessment test of reading, mathematics, and general science were recorded for all the selected children.
a. Suppose the children were all in the seventh grade. Identify the design.
b. Suppose the children were equally divided among the third, fifth, and seventh grades. Identify the design.

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