Question: A study was done to see whether participants would ignore

A study was done to see whether participants would ignore a sign that said, "Elevator may stick between floors. Use the stairs." The people who used the stairs were said to be compliant, and those who used the elevator were noncompliant. The study was done in a university dormitory on the ground floor of a three-story building. There were three different situations, two of which involved confederates. A confederate (Conf) is a person who is secretly working with the experimenter. In the first situation, there was no other person using the stairs or elevator-that is, no confederate. In the second, there was a compliant confederate (one who used the stairs). In the third, there was a noncompliant confederate (one who used the elevator). A summary of the data is given in the table, and TI-84 output is given.
a. Find the percentage of participants who used the stairs in all three situations. What do these sample percentages say about the association between compliance and the existence of confederates?
b. From the figure, is the p-value 2.69? Explain. Report the actual p-value.
c. Determine whether there is an association between the three situations and whether the participant used the stairs (was compliant) or not. Use a significance level of 0.05.

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