A study was undertaken to determine whether a drug commonly used to treat epilepsy could help alcoholics to overcome their addiction. The researchers took a sample of 103 hardcore alcoholics. Fifty-five drinkers were given topiramate and the remaining 48 were given a placebo.
The following variables were recorded after 6 months:
Column 1: Identification number
Column 2: 1 = Topiramate and 2 = placebo
Column 3: Abstain from alcohol for one month (1 = no, 2 = yes)
Column 4: Did not binge in final month (1 = no, 2 = yes)
Do these data provide sufficient evidence to infer that topiramate is effective in
a. causing abstinence for the first month?
b. causing alcoholics to refrain from binge drinking in the final month?

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