Question: A survey of 1 085 adults asked Do you enjoy shopping

A survey of 1,085 adults asked, “Do you enjoy shopping for clothing for yourself?” The results (data extracted from “Split Decision on Clothes Shopping,” USA Today, January 28, 2011, p. 1B) indicated that 51% of the females enjoyed shopping for clothing for themselves as compared to 44% of the males. The sample sizes of males and females were not provided. Suppose that the results indicated that of 542 males, 238 answered yes. Of 543 females, 276 answered yes. Construct a contingency table to evaluate the probabilities. What is the probability that a respondent chosen at random
a. Enjoys shopping for clothing for himself or herself?
b. Is a female and enjoys shopping for clothing for herself?
c. Is a female or is a person who enjoys shopping for clothing?
d. Is a male or a female?

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