A survey of information systems managers was used to predict
A survey of information systems managers was used to predict the yearly salary of beginning programmer/analysts in a metropolitan area. Managers specified their standard salary for a beginning programmer/analyst, the number of employees in the firm’s information processing staff, the firm’s gross profit margin in cents per dollar of sales, and the firm’s information processing cost as a percentage of total administrative costs. The data are given below for the 68 programmer positions as follows: programmer/ analyst, yearly salary, number of employees, profit margin, and information processing cost.
a. Obtain a multiple regression equation with salary as the dependent variable and the other three variables as predictors. Interpret each of the (partial) slope coefficients.
b. Is there conclusive evidence that the three predictors together have at least some value in predicting salary? Locate a p- value for the appropriate test.
c. Which of the independent variables, if any, have statistically detectable (α = .05) predictive value as the last predictor in the equation?
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